Public Speaking and Conferences

As people who know me are aware, I began as a Drama student and then became a stand-up comedian. As a result, I am very comfortable speaking in a range of circumstances – to large audiences or small, online or in person. I’ve spoken at international conferences and events on topics including student mental health and wellbeing, creativity and wellbeing, learning, teaching and wellbeing and the role of universities and academics in relation to supporting students. If you would like to book me to speak at a conference or event please contact me….

Recent Selected Public Speaking and Keynote Addresses

Student Mental Wellbeing and Teaching During the Covid-19 Pandemic [webinar] for QAA Scotland 21st May 2020

Innovative approaches to the prevention of mental health issues

Promoting emotional resilience, mental health awareness and supporting wellbeing. Westminster Higher Education Forum Policy Conference: Priorities for supporting student mental health London 21 January 2020

The University Mental Health Charter. 4th Northern Ireland Student Wellbeing Conference 2019 – ‘Keeping Score.’ University of Ulster 5th December 2019

Student Minds SUs: Students Leading a Sustainable Future [webinar] for Student Minds 17th June 2020

The University Mental Health Charter. Keynote address with Rosie Tressler at AMOSSHE Winter Conference. Bath 14th February 2020

Introducing the University Mental Health Charter

Launch of the University Mental Health Charter. Leeds 9th December 2019

Selected Conference Papers

SMaRteN Conference Cambridge 17th December

Spanner, L. & Hughes, G. (2019). A Framework for the Future: How Can We Bridge the Gaps in Research and Practice?

‘The lack of real world skills in the digital generation.’

Hughes, G., 2014. ‘The lack of real world skills in the digital generation.’ Paper presented at the Human Givens Conference, Sunningdale, 14-15 June

Student Mental Health and the Role of the Personal Academic Tutor.

Bowers-Brown, T. & Hughes, G. (2019). Presented at European First Year Experience Conference 2019. Cork 16-19 June.

Winner of best Conference Paper. Creativity and Wellbeing in Higher Education.

Hughes, G. and Wilson, C. (2017). Presented at: International Conference on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise. Philadelphia, 3-5 November.

Hughes, G. and Wilson, C., 2013. ‘Isn’t going to university supposed to be fun?’ Paper presented at the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Conference, Buxton, 4 July.